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Are You Called to A Transformational Adventure?!

Great change in life doesn't happen through thinking about it over and over. To change things like your frame of mind, outlook on life, and stress levels, or to transform challenges into potentials, the greatest power may be accessed by moving into the seat of your own sovereignty through creativity. By claiming the authority and tools to navigate your OWN consciousness, you move into co-creative power and gain access to mystical intuition.

Watch and listen as Intentional Creativity Founder, Shiloh Sophia, shares about the LEGEND course curriculum and more!

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All New LEGEND Curriculum

While on this Mystical Voyage you will learn and receive a combination of mysterious and practical tools including:

  • How Metacognitive Creativity can enhance the gifts of intuition
  • “Motherboard": The Intentional Creativity Coherence Meditation
  • Pathways to healing your connection to the voice of your soul with a Neuroscientific Somatic approach.
  • Red Thread Vow of Connection with other women that you can share with your community.
  • The science behind Intentional Creativity and why it works to shape new beliefs
  • Intentional Creativity Painting of your Legendary Mystic Self - The 13-step process
  • Cosmic Smashbooking - A custom journal that chronicles your mythic voyage and story
  • Invitation to shape a new story for your life and overcome limiting beliefs.
  • Dive into the Seven Archetypes of Feminine Psyche
  • How to design your own Rites of Passage Ceremony calling you into your Mystic Self

How VIVID will your story be?

Around here, we believe every woman who chooses, is a mystic or a mystic in training. A mystic is someone who has intimate knowledge of the mysteries. In our community, the mysteries we are referring to, are the ones within yourself.

The hidden door within, awaits your knocking upon it...

You will be given and will co-create a mystical template of archetypal facets invoking the seven domains of the feminine psyche. That is just a fancy way of saying, 'where we are going, you haven't been before and you won't believe what you will discover'...

Over 20 years of practice, research and working with tens of thousands of women through art as a healing modality has made this event possible. If you are called to join us...please will be quite surprised by what you discover, create and the story you will claim as you reveal your own gnosis (knowledge of spiritual mysteries.).

Your painting and your journal will be the actual record of your transformation, in living vivid color! A Rites of Passage with real-time results!

A Curriculum Drawing on the Deep Mystical Roots of the Feminine Psyche

Drawing on the facets of flow, metaphysical and quantum teachings, we will prepare ourselves to receive insight at the deepest level possible. Using the power of neoshamanic painting and the science of Intentional Creativity we will dive into the hidden domains and make them visible.

Through our brush and pen, there will be a revealing of dance between the worlds of invisible and visible. Working deeply with self-inquiry to stir that mystic self through intuition and gnosis.

In each of the Archetypal Facets and the corresponding domains, we visit a new terroir of the feminine. We will dance between worlds as we look at the hidden, and the revealed, all within the framework of how to bring that area into your personal geography - your ordinary life, the academic, and the experiential.

As you explore each of the seven Archetypal Facets, you will find the affirmation as well as the practice.

"They are, at the same time, images and emotions. One can speak of an archetype only when these two aspects are simultaneous ... by being charged with emotions, the image gains numinosity (or psychic energy); it becomes dynamic, and consequences of some kind must flow from it." - Carl G. Jung - from Man and His Symbols

Painter, Priestess, Prophetess, Provocateur, Poet, Peacemaker, and Psychic. Each woman accesses an expanded, flourishing- almost incendiary version of herself, with ever more insight and intuition at her fingertips. She arrives careful excavation of Self, and bravely journies through the Inner Landscape. She has become Self Initiator.

Continue reading for a summary of each Archetype of the Feminine Psyche.

Archetypal Facet: PAINTER

Invocation: Claim Yours Soul Space

Domain: Creating and Form

Form: Hands

Element: Earth

The Artist archetype embodies the passion to express a dimension of life that is beyond the senses, bringing dreams into reality to behold.

Archetypal Facet: PRIESTESS

Invocation: Invite Your Sacred Leadership

Domain: Ritual and Ceremony

Form: Heart

Element: Water

The Priestess celebrates the sacred in the body, the earth, and the cosmos, holding the world to be an embodiment of divine presence.

Archetypal Facet: PROPHETESS

Invocation: Awaken Your Gnosis

Domain: Insight and Speaking

Form: Mouth/Voice

Element: Fire

A prophetess is a woman who speaks by divine inspiration or as the interpreter through whom the will of spirit is expressed.

Archetypal Facet: PROVOCATEUR

Invocation: Invoking Embodied Sensuality

Domain: Senses

Form: Body

Element: Effluvia

The Provocateur Archetype calls forth the sensual, the flirt, and seduction in the self.

Archetypal Facet: POET

Invocation: Reveal Your Mythic Poetic Creed

Domain: Song and Language

Form: Ear

Element: Air

The Poet possesses special powers of imagination or expression with the beauty of thought.

Archetypal Facet: PEACEMAKER

Invocation: Embody Your Sacred Activism

Domain: Change and Community

Form: Feet

Element: Field (Collective)

The feminine Peacemaker moves from the place of grounded, inclusive, protectice harmony.

Archetypical Facet: PSYCHIC

Invocation: Access Your Deepest Sight

Domain: Dimensions

Form: Consciousness

Element: Cosmos

Psychics are those who have the capacity to sense beyond the visible world.

What Activities will you do and experience?

The experience of how this curriculum is delivered is what sets this event apart from any other. Although participants are attending and learning virtually, you'll find the experience of Intentional Creativity is extremely immersive and transformative.

What you will do and experience:

  • Make Epic Art: 13 hours of Instructional Intentional Creativity Painting Videos featuring the 13 Step Process
  • Make a journal: 4 Hours of Cosmic Smash Bookmaking and journal prompts
  • Gather: Daily Community Zoom Calls to connect and share
  • Share: Private iMusea app for class community connection and support with your process

Painting as a Way of Knowing

"Mystic for me means one who seeks insight with the mysteries. While many of the mysteries we have sought have been ones in the past. And largely - past mysteries of the past 12,000 or so years are largely patriarchal at the bloom, even if they weren't at the root. So the mysteries I am inviting us to are the ones within us.

I think of these seven archetypal areas as facets of your own identity, not frames, and as all being included in one person. While I will invite some inquiries for each one - ultimately I will not be prescribing or defining each one, you will. All, however, in this case, are through the frame of the female painter and using 'painting' as a way of knowing."

- Shiloh Sophia

Shiloh Sophia painting her Legend MYSTIC